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Using google trends for creating a blog post

Google Trends is an indicator for how many people are looking for a specific term over a period of time. It gives you an overview about the topics the world is searching for. The trends can be further sorted depending upon their geographic location, categories, time span etc and it also allows you to compare between your searches. Google Trends platform is quite easy and user-friendly. They also have small graphs besides the title that shows you how hot or cold the topic is in a given time span. So how can Google trends help your SEO and in creating a blog post? Linked in this article are some ideas which you can implement for your blog, but before that lets take a look at Google Trend’s key features:

  • Shows you keywords popularity over time
  • Comparison between your searches
  • Stay updated with the latest on going trend.
  • Segregate your results with respect to images, news or YouTube searches.

Here’s how you can create your blog content using Google Trends as a reference source.

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