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F.A.Q - Wisemonkeys

Frequently Asked Questions.


1.User: How to sign up?

Wisemonkey:  Just follow a 3-step registration process and get connected. Since we appreciate genuine users and do not encourage spammers we follow small registration process:

  1. Sign up by clicking on the top right of the website.
  2. Confirm your email. ( for the first time the email might fall in your spam/junk/promotion folder. Please mark it not spam and confirm the link).
  3. Login and get started.

2. User : What is the Point System ?
Wisemonkey : You get points for every activity that you perform on the website.
The Point allocation is done as follows:

Create a Question:                                                  +1
Answer a Question:                                                +2
If Your Answer is voted up:                                +3
Best Answer:                                                              +5
If your answer is downvoted:                            -5

3. User : How to earn Badges?
Wisemonkey: You earn badges based on the points you earn.
Currently their are 4 badges that you can achieve.

Newbie                                                               10 points
Learner                                                                50 points
Enthusiast                                                          200 points
TrendSetter                                                       500 points

Fanatic                                                                1000 points
Guru                                                                     2500 points
Legendary                                                           5000 points

4. User: How to earn Gifts?
Wisemonkey: We give monthly gifts to our users. The User with the highest point gets amazing gifts.
So stay active and keep on collecting points.