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Find best places to visit and stay in Copenhagen with Taxidio

Being the capital of one of the happiest countries on this planet, Copenhagen is also known as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world. If you appreciate history and at the same time embrace modernity, Copenhagen is the right place for you. It is a city of ancient and new world architecture which is very well displayed in its numerous castles, museums, historic buildings and churches. We recommend these 4 best places to stay in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Indre By (City Centre):
Indre By, the oldest neighborhood of Copenhagen is considered to the city centre. A maze of medieval alleys and lively squares, it’s undoubtedly the most cheerful city and the heart of the capital city making the best area to find your accommodation in Copenhagen. Being the royal residence, Rosenborg Castle features 400 years of art treasures and renaissance architecture. It promises an enchanting journey as it houses Royal collections, artefacts related to royal Danish culture, Crown Jewels and Danish Crown Regalia, making it the best place to visit in Copenhagen. Designed in National Romantic style, Copenhagen City Hall is a classical building with the apple on the eye being the outstanding, tall, slim clock-tower that definitely demands a visit. Take a deep dive into the copies of works that were printed in the country dating back to the 17th century, Det Kongelige Bibliotek contains innumerable historical treasures you must have a look at. Copenhagen Cathedral, is the National Cathedral of Denmark which is an epitome of architectural brilliance and a must-see for all visitors. This place has a special vibe which will make you instantly feel the serenity once you enter its premises. Topping it up, this church has one of the largest and oldest bells in Denmark which is a sight you don’t want to miss. To ignite your flora fauna instincts, you must visit the Botanical Garden which is spread across a splendid collection of living plants. With more than 13,000 species, it’s worthy of an evening stroll getting in sync with nature especially during spring and summer. Nyhavn is a district full of life with a beautiful waterfront you must stroll by if you would like to have a panoramic view of a city by a water body. The major highlight of this area are the brightly-colored 17th and 18th-century houses, bars, cafés, and restaurants lined up to give you an appealing touch. If you love art, get ready for an exciting journey through 700 years of art at the Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) which has collections ranging from the Renaissance period to modern cutting-edge contemporary art. The museum houses closely 9,000 paintings and sculptures, roughly 240,000 works of art on paper, and approximately 2,600 plaster casts of people from ancient times sure to suck you into the artistic zone. Take a break from the city hustle and bustle and enter this no vehicles zone, Stroget which is the most lively and snappy neighborhood for night owls. Don’t be surprised if you see jugglers, musicians and street artists before you step into one of the countless bars, beer pubs. The legendary Copenhagen Jazzhouse hosts both local and international jazz performances before the disco takes over after midnight. Iit’s a great escape.

One of the best places to stay copenhagen is Vasterbro, where you can find great lodging areas, awesome cuisine and some marvelous attractions to keep you engaged. You can find delightful bed & breakfast (B&B) places like the Bertrams which has a 100% satisfied visitor record due to its friendly staff and amenities like garden, bikes for guests to use and also offers a fantastic organic breakfast – making it a perfect day start for its visitors. You must stop by Ol & Brod for a perfect Danish lunch. Øl & Brød, meaning “beer and bread,” offers traditional Danish open sandwiches with a modern twist you must try without fail. For those who want the best of both worlds: casual strolling as well as adventurous rides you have to visit the Tivoli Gardens. One of its must do rides is the wooden roller-coaster which is sure to give your adrenaline rush a kick. It also features many other rides which allows you to savor the panoramic views of the city. For all the photography buffs, there is an elegant spread of Nordic contemporary photography at the Fotografisk Center which you will not regret seeing. An ideal picnic spot is the Vaernedamsvej Sonder Boulevard, offers a biking track, variety of playgrounds, and mesmerizing flower gardens. If you like shopping, pick up a bag and head straight to Istedgade, Vesterbro’s best shopping street. You will find some great hep fashion clothes, designer antiques and attractive toys which will persuade you to buy another bag to keep all your shopping items. For all the sweet cravers, Mikkel Anker creates mouthwatering hand-made chocolates from cacao and some unconventional seasoning ingredients. Ever heard of chocolate made along with tomato, mango and peanut butter. Top up with coffee and a glass of champagne.

Christianshavn is known as the gastronomic powerhouse of Copenhagen.
If you are a foodie person, welcome to your kind of paradise, Christianshavn homes some of the best restaurants. You must try the lip smacking cuisine at the Rene Redzepi which has been bagging the title of the world’s best restaurant year after year. Experience the dutch baroque style of architecture at the Vor Frelsers Church which has a very unique spire to its design. Being a city with water all around it, The War Museum tells the story of the Danish Navy which has an impressive display of incredibly detailed ship models. They also display many uniforms, weapons and plenty of other seafaring artefacts which Marine enthusiasts would love to see. Adding to the mariners bucket list, The B&W Museum interprets the evolution of ships and allows you to experience being in the ship engine room.

If you are looking for some green and peaceful time in Copenhagen you need to be here at Osterbro. The perfect place for rest and leisure is the three Copenhagen Lakes where you can relish the open space and the fresh air by these water bodies. The continuous stretch of three lakes creates a 6kms path where bikers, runners and strollers can appreciate the enchanting view while staying fit. The Hirschsprung Collection is a neo-classical museum houses a unique selection of Danish art from the late 19th century to current times, designed by famous Skagen painters and the contemporary artists which will take you into the world of art. A 6kms green land of Copenhagen, Faelledparken lies in Osterbro. It not only has multiple walking paths for visitors but also has a skate track, outdoor chess tables and a café Pavilion for your hunger needs. A temple for football admirers, Parken is a concert hall which can accommodate 50,000 visitors having hosted all the important national matches. You just cannot miss The Little Mermaid, a bronze statue which sits on a rock by Osterbro’s waterside, is an enchanting masterpiece and the brain-child of the artist Edvard Eriksen.Park Bio, is an unconventional movie theater which is a refreshing corner for film enthusiasts. Small and cozy, with only one floor and limited capacity, this cinema has a local charm. End your day in Osterbro with some traditional beer houses and wine cellars. Hosting a few of the most liveliest bars, cocktail clubs and offbeat theaters, making this place the best place to unwind a hard day.

Best places around Copenhagen:
We have the Kronborg Castle which is a charming Renaissance castle from the 16th century on the seashore of Elsinore city, 50 kilometers from Copenhagen. A must visit attraction, Roskilde Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its grand Gothic as well as Romanesque cathedral is constructed with red bricks which is one of the finest architectural monuments in Denmark. To aid you in choosing the best trips, you can refer the best day trips and excursion from Copenhagen.

Copenhagan has stunning beaches, natural landscapes coupled with elegant lakes awaiting to impress you. Filled with beautiful cobbled streets, cultural attractions, quirky boutiques, extensive art collections, buzzing nightlife, jazz music festivals, modern Nordic food and what not…You need to be there to believe it. With the support of Taxidio, an online itinerary planner  you can experience the best out of the lot in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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