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Best places to visit and stay in Berlin, Germany

If you are a fashionista, art lover and an admirer of historic monuments, one of the most beautiful cities on the map of Germany, Berlin awaits you. An abode to the some of the most impressive monuments you’ll ever see. In spite of being a big metro city, it maintains the charm of an international village with a blend of glamour and grit, this city will definitely leave you mesmerized, thanks to its eclectic culture, marvellous architecture, sumptuous food, crazy nightlife, and enthralling history. Mentioned below are the top 5 tourist attractions in Berlin.

The Victory Memorial is one of the best-known symbols of Berlin. To celebrate Prussia’s victory in the FrancoGerman war, a 67-meter high iconic memorial with the added bronze sculpture of Victoria weighing 35 tons on the top was carved. You can explore the history of Berlin in an unusual way by visiting the Berliner Unterwelten e.V. which is an underground structure preserved since 1999. Photography and videography is not allowed at this attraction. You also need to carry certain mandatory items like a torch, huddy jacket due to the chilled temperature and a pair of closed footwear. We thought we must share this so that you can pack your bags accordingly. A pivotal landmark and one of the top most tourist attractions of MItte, Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate which is a beautiful neoclassical monument which you must not miss seeing. The Berlin Wall Memorial was constructed in memory of the city’s division in 1961 to 1989. This is just not a remainder of the division of Germany but is now a great tourist attraction you just can’t miss. Situated in the heart of the city centre in Berlin is Museum Island which hosts 5 famous museums. This site was granted UNESCO National Heritage Site in 1999 which makes it worth a watch. A cathedral with awesome architecture and a majestic dome, the Berlin Cathedral is one of the best tourist attractions in Berlin you will not regret visiting. For all the night owls, few top-notch places like Weekend, King Kong Klub and Kaffee Burger are ready to set your nightlife on fire in Berlin.

Cell 63 Artgallery is a creative venue that caters to all types of art who invites artists, sculptors to adorn its walls. This is what makes this gallery as unique as it sounds and therefore, a necessary gem of the Berlin art gallery scene. Berlin believes ‘if it can be imagined it can be created’ mentality, which gave rise to numerous art galleries that are diverse in nature. Holze Kohlen Koks is one of such an art gallery that remains category-less, because it doesn’t fit into just one. Britzer Garden is a vast park tailored towards children with its three gigantic and well-equipped playgrounds but has magnetism for all age groups. You can marvel at the endless greenery, the lake, majestic flower gardens, or playing any outdoor sport. Klunkerkranich a bar, pub as well as a cafe is a watering-hole heaven for you foodies. It’s snuggled on the top of a parking garage high-rise. Thinking of any typical New York summer rooftop party? Great, this place is only more spacious and more German.

Prenzlauer Berg:
Like beer? You must visit the oldest beer garden in Berlin. Prater Garten is a spacious and picnic table-lined beer garden with roots that date back to 1837. In the winter when everything around you is chilling, they have an indoor restaurant to combat the cold, making it bloom in the warmer months. Walk along the Bernauerstrasse area Berlin Wall Memorial memorial until you pass through quite a few vital and thought provoking memorials. Mauerpark Flea Market, a Sunday morning flea market which is an apt place for a weekend bargain hunt. You will find from Street food, to vintage clothes, and handmade products captivating tourists and locals in search for uniqueness in shopping. The country’s largest organic market, Ökomarkt hold a bio paradise every Thursday since 1996. No matter what kind of night you’re in the mood for, Prenzlauer Berg has got you covered. Whether you’re looking forward to a cheap and cheerful night out or a more tasteful affair, be rest assured you can find specialty cocktail bars, wine bars and a couple of Berlin’s best breweries and beer gardens.

Running through Kreuzberg is the charming scenic stretch called Landwehrkanal. You could consider strolling down this canal’s leafy banks as they are bustling with cafés, shops and restaurants. Maybachufer’s, an over populated Turkish market gives its visitors a feel of mini istanbul where you will find vendors selling everything from fresh produce to homewares to street food. The St Agnes church and community centre was refurbished into a mesmerizing art gallery, today known for its eye catching Brutalist architecture. The centre now hosts large-scale exhibitions which is flooded by emerging contemporary artists around the world. If you’re an admirer of modern art this the next place to visit in Kreuzberg, head to check out the different and dynamic exhibitions in the Berlinische Galerie from modern art collections to photography. The building in which the museum finds its home is a masterpiece in its self. Deeply connect with the jewish community around WW II at the Jewish Museum, a beautifully designed modern building and filled with modern art installations. Kreuzberg, Berlin is a city which has the most diversity, especially with its global dining spread. All the foodies on earth, we recommend you visit this city for all your gastronomical needs, as this city is geared up to please your tummy. Those with a sweet tooth should plan to stop at Brammibal’s, a vegan bakery specialising in hand crafted doughnuts. For all the late-night snackers, try Tecno im Baguette where kofta, halloumi, yoghurt, onion and herb sandwich were invented to cater to techno lovers. Vegetarian? Do not worry while you are here, you will appreciate Heimweh, a low-key bistro serving fully loaded kumpir (a decadent Turkish version of a baked potato). Try to get a spot at Möbel-Olfe, a legendary *** bar that serves cheap beer and Polish vodka. Rush to Fahimi for cocktails with a view or dance the night away at Paloma, an intimate club featuring up-and-coming DJs. Over and above the international cuisine spread, this place has a wide variety of attractions to allure you.

If you appreciate art and get a kick with modern unconventional themes, Friedrichshain is the city you must stay put. This artsy neighbourhood of Berlin is famous for its punk-locals, artistic collectives and for housing Berlin’s most vivacious nightlife. Urban Spree is a multifaceted art space housing a gallery, concert room and an event space. Masterpiece work of graffiti artists and photographers will grab your attention from the very grassroot via exhibitions, bookshops, concerts, and a dual outdoor gallery at Urban Spree. Anyone who labels them self to be mad over art, should not miss to check out the epic views of the East Side Gallery which is a public section of the Berlin Wall turned into an open-air art gallery. Bearing the title of the oldest park in Berlin, the lush green parkland of the Volkspark Friedrichshain is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy. If you are traveling with kids, this park is the apt kidzy spot which they will want to visit multiple times as it offers an impressive green stretch spaces, to top it up it also has a well-known fairy tale fountain, featuring characters from German fairytales. Friedrichshain in Berlin has something for all the adults who are still kids at heart. If you’re missing your childhood, the Computer Games Museum might be the place for you. You are certainly going to feel the nostalgia about Mario Kart or Pacman once again.

Attractions around Berlin:
To ignite your adventurous bug, you must take a one day trip to the Tropical Islands which is located 50 kms away from the southern boundary of Berlin. It is a theme park with the biggest free-standing hall in the world. The islands are divided into various areas and also houses the biggest indoor rainforest in the world, many tropical plants, a beach, and a number of bars and restaurants to keep your tummy happy. Thanks to the premier location of Berlin, it serves as a good base to explore Germany. So for the people looking to branch out into day trips, we have for you some of the best day trips from Berlin that are both easy to reach and worth your time
You can also consider taking the top 5 best day trips from Berlin for a holistic trip.

So choose the best place to stay in Berlin depending upon your love for parks, palaces, museums or shopping. Taxidio, an online itinerary planner  can help you reap the maximum from your holiday in Berlin, Germany.

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